PlayMais® Ecological! - Naturally good arguments.

Natural Safe

Naturally good arguments.

Our raw material is maize and the complete corn is used, so the energy-intensive process of starch production is avoided. From the cultivation of the crop to the disposal of any waste material, sustainability ius uppermost in our minds: 

The cultivation takes place on set-aside agricultural land close to the production facility. All residue material is disposed of in the form of biologically degradable waste at our sister companies biogas plant, which produces electricityand heating for an environmentally friendly production.

The residues of the biogas plant provide the basis for the fertilizer of the next corn harvest. So the natural cycle is closed by the entire production process. In such a way finite raw materials and sources of energy are preserved and the nature conserved. Corn is cultivated exclusively for the purpose of industrial use, so none that is produced as food or fodder plant cultivated corn is used. 

IMPORTANT: PlayMais® is not a foodstuff, but a play and crafting material, which is not intended for consumption.



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PlayMais® Ecological! - Naturally good arguments.